I recently went to this presentation about World Ventures. When I got there, I noticed people had on these shirts about what 'team' they were on. The minute I took a seat to listen to the presentation, I felt out of place. I guess they do not really gauge who their audience is. I have an education higher than a high school diploma or GED. And I started to analyze the presenter and the team that was present at the meeting.

Lets discuss the presentation/slideshow. The presentation is something that my son can create for fun. Everything is stole from other websites. All cut and paste unprofessionally. My 'presenter' went through the slides mighty face. Lucky for me that I have a semi photographic memory.

Then the sell of this product begins. My 'presenter' continued to make a statement that if I cannot invest $1 in myself then I must have issues. I chuckled and allowed her to continue with her wonderful product. I am not the type of individual who will hound my family or friends for $370 for a product I don't even believe in. Sorry, I would rather work hard for my living instead of investing that type of money in this type of scheme. If you ever attend one of the presentations, I attempted to do the math of how much you will make, it just does NOT add up. And to top things off, you can get a BMW, a silver one at that. This BMW comes at the cost of this company 'giving' you a car allowance. Another red flag. So what if my allowance stops, how will I continue to pay for this car? Currently, I have a vehicle that was paid off years ago, why would I want to invest in car payment. Sorry World Ventures, I am investing that $1 you told me I did not have into my savings. And if you want to convince me to join, please, just 'rent' a silver BMW and drive it to your presentation, it would at least make your presentation more believable in my opinion.

So where is the money? If you ask ANY team member involved with this company where the money is, their motto to me was, "I get paid every friday". So if that was true, why didn't they bring just a small copy of these earnings to the meeting? Another thing the presenters should put on their to do list.

Why are people still working their full time jobs? If this is such the next best thing since Amway (lol) why are you still working a full time job? Show me this is legit, quit your job and do this full time.

This program in my opinion is targeting low income people of ANY race. This company has done research because most low income people would like anyway to get rich quick, and these false promises of instant income appeals to anyone.

Sorry this was lengthy.


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BEWARE!!WorldVentures was called a "Pyramid Scheme" in U.S.

News and World Report.

The article is a WARNING for people to steer clear of WorldVentures....

Check the #4 bullet point on this U.S.News article which warns people about WorldVentures:



WorldVentures was called a "Pyramid Scheme" in U.S.News and World Report.

The article is a WARNING for people to steer clear of WorldVentures....

Check the #4 bullet point on this U.S.News article which warns people about WorldVentures:



Hi.I've been to a training event of theres.

This one was run by Team Empire apparently. One guy had a few mispelled words in his powerpoint. I mentioned it to him at the end and he made note of it. He said he wasnt the best speller.

I asked if the slides were provided by the company and he said they weren't. That every presenter makes their own. That kinda surprised me. There was a portion of the meeting when everyone who had earned a silver BMW was asked to stand up and wave their keys.

I was shocked by the number of people. 25 or so out of around 250 people so about 10% roughly. And the allowance they give you does stop if your sales don't meet the mark BUT you don't have to spend the allowance on a BMW if u don't want. This lady said she uses hers to pay for her moms home care services.

This other guy says he pays bills and shops with his lol I personally know 3 people who got to quit their 9 to 5 to do this FT. But they are really outspoken go getters. They make it seem a lot easier said than done though. Im sao easily discouraged.

When one person shoots me down Im done lol Maybe I'm just meant to be a cog making some CEO rich for the rest of my life but there's worse things in the world I could be!If its good enough for my mama its good enough for me lol


My husband and I make 100,000.a year and no he doesn't have a college education.

He went to trade school, and got a degee in heating and air conditioning service technician. From a lot of hard work, my husband opened his own HVAC company and built it from the ground up!! That is why he signed up for World Ventures, because he could see it was something of value that he could build.

The Company does not guarantee any income is going to be made.The company does say that income is possible with hard work, and a desire to achieve.


Apparently you did not bother to pay attention to the presentation...

The BMW is not mandatory.You can just take the bonus.

Many have quit their jobs and do this full time.  Since it is not a "get rich quick scheme", those starting out tend to keep their jobs until they replace their current income....I could go on but why waste my time.  I do wonder why you are so upset about someone offering you a product and/or opportunity.  It's not for everyone but is is working for many people.  Why the anger?  Do you complain about everyone who tries to sell you something?   I imagine if there were a fleet of rented BMWs and a super professional slideshow you would still be mad.  You lost an hour looking at a product and opportunity, and it angered you enough to write a complaint?  You lose twice that much time everyday seeing ads on TV, radio, internet, etc.....You are not even a consumer of this product.  I believe you're just pissed.


I was baited into signing up because the guy who recruited was going to put a big shot under me. Never join an mlm if you're feel you're being lured.


"Everything is stole from other websites".Hoping that is a typo.

Someone thought enough about you that they took the time to invite you to see an opportunity. It wasn't for you.

The only way to find the people that are interested is to show everyone and not prejudge anyone.Some will, some won't, so what, next.


They need to ban World Ventures in the U.S. just like in Norway. It kills me that their main target are young college adults.

to Larry Memphis, Tennessee, United States #915510

There main target is no one in particular.You are primarily "invited" by someone who ALREADY knows you.

You are shown a presentation, if you like it and you WANT to, you can join.If you don't like it, YOU do NOT HAVE to join.

Manhattan, New York, United States #828111

Couldn't wait to get out this. Very unethical company. Messing up people's lives and relationships.

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